About ClickScience

Key Features of ClickScience

ClickScience contains many features and covers a variety of content that is designed to aid both the teacher and learner. These include:
Administrative Support
Assessment Material
Learners can test their knowledge using tools such as multiple choice and drag and drop activities.
Case Studies
Learners analyse how examples of learning within the curriculum can be applied to work contexts. This will explain the relevance of curriculum subject activities to the world of work. The integrated case studies describe working practices in different employment sectors. Learners are able to understand the career motivations and pathways taken by people in different employment sectors thereby giving purpose to their own studies.
Career Paths
These give direction to the learner, for a purpose in life. Career paths allow pupils to see how people have used their education to enter an industry, and how industry has continued to train them.
Differentiated Material
ClickScience incorporates content from Entry Level through to GCSE separate Sciences (Extension).
Easily Accessed Content
Upload and organise files.
Comprehensive learning through experiments and investigation. Allows the learner to develop good safety practices, alongside analysis and evaluation skills.
Functional Skills/Key Skills/Skills for Life
Material is available for all six skills as an integrated part of ClickScience, allowing learners ample opportunity to complete a Level 2 Key Skills portfolio. Functional skills are forming an ever more important part of our teaching. Maths and Communication are highlighted within scientific activities to support Government requirements that all learners will need to achieve.
How Science Works
References to the "How Science Works" section of the new Programme of Study including stand-alone content and activities. 
Key Skills References and Assignments
Lesson Building Facility
Teachers will be able to use ClickScience as a resource for lesson building.
Lesson/Topic Objectives
Each item is supported by an objective making the expected outcome clear to all.
NC References (old & new)
Revision Tools
Searchable Content (keywords/topics)
Screenshots highlighting assessments, experiments and functional skills