About ClickScience

About ClickScience

ClickScience is an online interactive multimedia resource produced by Kingshurst Multimedia. It is an innovative Science resource aimed at Key Stage 4 offering a new thematic approach to 14-16 Science. This is a generic approach organising the course materials into easy-to-manage subject areas and topics.
The ClickScience platform includes;
  • the ability to upload all of your staff and students
  • the ability to create specific class lists
  • the ability to distribute lessons to a specific class
  • unlimited storage space for each user (ideal for students to store and organise their work and for teachers to store and distribute their work to their students)
  • a messaging and file distribution facility to communicate to classes, teachers and students
  • page, lesson and scheme building tools to allow teachers to incorporate their own work/media (worksheets, video clips, embedding YouTube videos, lesson ideas etc.)
  • an advanced search engine allowing filtering of different types of learning materials
  • comprehensive tagging of all content, allowing users to easily browse to relevant materials
  • a scheme of work for our 14-16 Science course guiding you through themes and topics
For all of the above, prices start from only 35 per annum for a single topic. The full ClickScience subscription is just 495 per annum.
Instead of purchasing a class set of 30 text books this year that would cost you well over 600, why not buy ClickScience instead for only 495 per annum.
ClickScience includes hundreds of illustrations, photographs, animations and interactive simulations which aid the learner of all abilities. As well as core Science content, there are also assessments, case studies, experiments, career paths and functional skills that keep the learner engaged and enthused.
All this is contained in a comprehensive learning environment that includes class/student organisation tools and a page/lesson builder.

You can purchase or have a trial today.

If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to get in touch on 0121 329 8366 or email info@kingshurstmultimedia.com.


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