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Imagine the perfect approach to teaching KS4 science.

It would almost certainly contain two elements:

1: A complete set of course materials - presented in a multi-sensory manner. Multi-sensory because this approach to teaching and learning has repeatedly been shown to be the most effective approach that there is

2: A unique set of materials suited to the particular needs of your students.

This second point is an issue - how can anyone provide you with teaching materials which are specifically designed for your students? Or indeed specifically designed for just one or two of your students?

This is the issue that we have focused on: not just supplying you with successful, tried and tested multi-sensory resources, but also providing the opportunity to create learning resources that meet the very specific needs of your students.

We've done this by allowing you to edit all of the lesson content we provide. You don't need any technical experience to do that - it is incredibly simple.

So that's it - a complete set of course materials presented in a multi-sensory manner, and the ability to edit the materials to meet specific issues in your class.

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